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SHALVA provides services to more than 500 participants with special needs, including infants, children, adolescents and young adults via a plethora of tailored programs and round-the-clock therapies, seven days a week. SHALVA accompanies the child and his/her family from birth to adulthood. Individual programs are designed so that each participant reaches his/her full potential. By placing an emphasis on social interaction, the child with special needs can better integrate into the community.

Bring Change 2 Mind

Bring Change 2 Mind, in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s Project 375, launched #StrongerThanStigma to raise awareness around the unique challenges that men face when discussing mental health, to encourage open dialogue, and to promote help seeking behavior.

Child & Family Resources

Organization that improves the well-being of Arizona’s children and families through programs that strengthen child care, youth and families.

What is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was created by credit card companies to keep customers payment card data secure. The 12 requirements will help you protect your customers from every conceivable angle in person and online. If you process, store, or transmit credit card information, you need to be PCI Compliant. According to PCI […]

The Difference between American Express and Other Cards

As a business owner, you have many decisions to make and one of them is what credit cards you’ll accept. You may have noticed many small businesses accept everything except American Express. While American Express offers great rewards and perks for its customers, it offers higher fees to business owners. Their rates are 2-3.5% versus […]

Live Your Values and Find Your Tribe

You got into business to help people, but how do you find the right people? By being your true self and living what is important to you, like giving to charity at every opportunity. People like buying from people who go above and beyond. Think about it: if two vendors offer identical products, but one […]

Make a Difference without Thinking About It

You started your business to make a difference in the world. You saw a niche that needed to be filled or knew a way to improve upon something that already existed. You’re an entrepreneur and think outside the box to make dreams a reality. You’re also discovering there’s truth to the adage, “An entrepreneur is […]


OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services began as a small foster care agency in 1969. Today, OHEL is large social service agency that meets the diverse and growing social service needs of the community.

eWomen Network Foundation

We are successful businesswomen and corporations who are answering the call to give back to our communities and to assist those who are less fortunate. The eWomenNetwork Foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind services, through grants and awards, in support of women and children.


YESS! is an elementary school for children with special education needs. YESS! has successfully provided children with learning differences and attention difficulties in grades K-8 with the opportunity to learn the skills they need to become competent and confident members of the Jewish community and the community at large.