Owner and Founder- Matana Poupko Jacobs

Born in Illinois and raised in Israel, Matana Poupko Jacobs has conquered the business world … all over the globe. After working for some of Hong Kong’s most successful entrepreneurs, Israel’s leading IT provider and becoming Vice President of Target Promos Online in the U.S., Matana decided to do something more (yes, even more) with her life. Matana wanted to channel her business capabilities into a socially responsible venture that would give back. She wanted to incorporate goodness with prosperity and profit with wellness. So… GIVIA was born.

How GIVIA was born

Matana faced a health crisis in 2009. She was deep in the middle of the vortex known as the rat race, surviving but not living. Wellness practices brought her back to health: a network of close friends and family who nursed her back to “living life,” healthy thinking and meditation, healthy eating and yoga, all of the pillars of wellness made Matana a stronger, healthier and happier person.

Today she is well-rounded. Business has a place in her life instead of commanding her life. The mission of her business is to give back to the wellness community that gave so much to her.

Matana lives with her husband and children in Boca Raton, Fla., where she personally oversees every aspect of GIVIA’s mission and operations. To give back to herself, she practices meditation and yoga on a regular basis.

GIVIA – The easiest way for businesses to donate without spending a dime.

GIVIA is a credit card processor that donates 25% of its net income to wellness charities … AT NO EXTRA COST to its clients.

Giving is an honor and a privilege, but often, there just isn’t time or manpower to make that happen.

That’s why GIVIA was founded. We make it easy for businesses like yours to give. It doesn’t cost you any money, and it doesn’t cost you any time. But it does a world of good.

We make giving easy

With GIVIA, giving back is as easy as signing up. All you do is employ us as your credit card processor. For each transaction that we process for you, we give a portion of our proceeds as a donation.

You’ll pay the same credit card processing fees (or even LESS) that you’re paying right now.

We take the donations out of OUR fees, never your profits.

What kind of organizations does GIVIA donate to?

GIVIA gives to organizations with a variety of objectives, such as assisting people with mental health issues, addictions, stress management, counseling, family services, etc.

How can GIVIA offer such great rates and STILL donate 25% to charity?

We’ve negotiated very good rates from the banks that we work with, and we believe there’s plenty left over in our profit margin to share. We don’t get kickbacks from the organizations we serve. We just know that by helping the community, everyone benefits.

Business thrives when people thrive

From business owners who are struggling with stress to customers who are spending too much time and money trying to “get well” from whatever is ailing them, hard times steal prosperity from both business and life.

GIVIA’s mission is to help people get back on their feet – for their own benefit and for the good of the world.

GIVIA is dedicated to improving the world one swipe at a time.