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GIVIA is a non-traditional credit card processor that donates

25% of its net income to charities... AT NO EXTRA COST to its clients.

If you believe that business can and should help make the world a better place then you'll love the Givia concept.
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is built upon a foundation of love, hope, faith and respect for all human beings. These guiding principles are evident in every SHALVA program. The Hebrew letters shin, lamed, vav, heh comprising the name SHALVA stand for shichrur l'mishpacha v'layeled hamugbal: "liberating the child with special needs and their family." In Hebrew, the word shalva means "peace of mind."


SHALVA provides services to more than 500 participants with special needs, including infants, children, adolescents and young adults via a plethora of tailored programs and round-the-clock therapies, seven days a week. SHALVA accompanies the child and his/her family from birth to adulthood. Individual programs are designed so that each participant reaches his/her full potential. By placing an emphasis on social interaction, the child with special needs can better integrate into the community.

The Association for Mentally & Physically Challenged Children in Israel