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GIVIA is a non-traditional credit card processor that donates

25% of its net income to charities... AT NO EXTRA COST to its clients.

If you believe that business can and should help make the world a better place then you'll love the Givia concept.
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It is the mission of YESS! to educate Jewish children grades K-8 with special education needs in a child-centered, creative, transdisciplinary, and supportive yeshivah environment using the latest and finest professional methods of individualized, child-paced special education for general and Judaic studies.  To that end, YESS! is located by design at the mainstream Yeshiva of Central Queens so that our students take their place in the mainstream.  It is our mission to teach our students how to learn by taking a cognitive approach to their general and Jewish education.  It is our mission to identify the root of each child’s academic difficulties and, with that understanding, to remediate and treat those difficulties so that our children become successful students, independent learners, and full-fledged participants in their school community, their Jewish communities, and the community at large.


Further, it is the philosophy of YESS! that all Jewish children, regardless of their developmental challenges, deserve a Jewish education and have a place in the mainstream Jewish community.

YESS! is committed to maintaining a nurturing and highly professional school environment, to investing in its staff with extensive training and support, and to supporting families; in short, to maintaining the finest possible special education yeshivah program.

Yeshivah Education for Special Students